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​Über unsere Partner André Coetsee bieten wir in Südafrika unseren internationalen Kunden sowie südafrikanischen Start-ups und KMUs CFO as a Service an.​


Durch die Partnerschaft mit Peak Consulting können südafrikanischen Unternehmen auch auf unsere maßgeschneiderten CFO-Dienste auf der ganzen Welt zählen.


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André is a distinguished financial analyst and business advisor with a specialized focus on the SME sector in Southern Africa.  


André's extensive experience spans a decade and a half in the private sector, where he has worked with both local and internationally listed corporations. In his most recent role, André served as a Financial Controller, overseeing the finances of two South African manufacturing operations. 


André brings a wealth of global experience and a passion for his work, with expertise in business valuations, costing and managerial accounting, financial modelling, risk assessments, and strategic advisory. 


He holds a Bachelor's and Honors degree in Financial Management and is a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). 


Beyond his professional achievements, he is a devoted husband and father of two. He is deeply committed to advancing economic development in Southern Africa and supporting humanitarian efforts across the continent through active citizenship.


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